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9.1 2023

EXFU Laser Hair Removal Device: Unveiling Key Advantages

A leading provider of laser beauty solutions

EXFU, a leading provider of laser beauty solutions, presents its cutting-edge laser hair removal device equipped with the latest generation USACoherentlaserbars.   This advanced system showcases a multitude of advantages, setting new benchmarks in stability, power options, user interface, portability, and innovative features.

Key Advantages:

Superior Laser Technology:

The EXFU laser hair removal device incorporates the latest generation USACoherentlaserbars, resulting in a remarkable 30% improvement in stability.   The emission frequency has been increased by 10 million cycles, reaching an impressive 50 million, contributing to a 30% lifespan extension.

Versatile Power Selection:

Addressing diverse treatment needs, the device offers a range of power options, including 1200W, 1800W, 2000W, and 3000W.   This flexibility empowers practitioners to tailor treatments according to specific requirements.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interaction:

Featuring a handle with a large interactive touchscreen, the device ensures a smooth and responsive user experience.   Unlike industry-standard screens prone to lags and limited to single-point operations, the capacitive touchscreen system allows for seamless sliding operations without any interruptions.

Lightweight and Compact Design:

Weighing a mere 350g, the EXFU device sets a new standard in portability.   Its compact and lightweight design ensures a more convenient and less fatiguing treatment experience for practitioners compared to industry counterparts.

Sapphire Crystal Lens:

Incorporating a sapphire crystal lens, the device minimizes laser loss, making treatments more efficient and practical while ensuring long-lasting performance.

Customizable Handpiece with Three Wavelengths:

The device allows easy handpiece replacement with three selectable wavelengths (755/808/1064).   This innovative feature enables one-minute cooling for a specific wavelength, eliminating downtime during treatments and increasing overall treatment efficiency by 50%.

Specialized Nose Hair Treatment Head:

Optimizing the structure for safety and reliability, the device introduces a specialized nose hair treatment head, facilitating precise and safe treatment of smaller areas.

Innovative Circular Locking Connector:

EXFU's laser hair removal device features a pioneering circular locking connector, the first of its kind in the industry.   This connector offers enhanced aesthetics, easy installation, and a structurally sound, reliable connection, streamlining the overall user experience.

EXFU's laser hair removal device stands out as an industry leader, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design.   With advancements in stability, power options, user interface, and portability, this device sets new standards in the field of laser beauty solutions, providing practitioners with a superior and efficient tool for achieving exceptional results.

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