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Service support

Every company does its best to provide its customers with the finest products and thusstay satisfied. So at EXFU we are testing current and new products before entering them into the market in order to respond to any challenges coming up, we are continuous service after products delivery inclde enducation, product service and marketing support.


Pre-sales service

EXFU Pre-sales team consists of equipment experts, designers, shipping experts and business consultant. We would like to answer any questions you may have , send us E-mail or fill the form leave your inquiry we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

  • English service
  • Feasibility study support
  • Visual identify design support
  • Special design of machine case
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After service

We guarantee to bring youa unique experience, full of security and certainty.

We offer 2 years warranty for whole machine, Whenever there is any quality problem of the machine ,we will give you one solution to solve that within 24 hours .

We provide professional technical service for periodic reviews, maintenance. Include documents , videos ,online help etc.

We cover the replacement of the equipment if it does not work properly due to factory problems, also the replacement of parts for free.

We provide replacement equipment according to supply.If any problem occurs when using the machine, Exfu is responsible for solving it.offering all possible advice for that .

We guarantee that you will never be left behind.

We will communicate intensively with you.

We provide you with specialized training so that you can make the most of your equipment and you can understand the innovations we have developed before anyone else.

Provide the clinical guide and operation instruction;

Provide the lifelong technical instruction and counseling;

EXFU Make Your Business Easier.

We guarantee the most professional after-sales service.

You can always contact our company's specialized after-sales service staff. Our team will professionally answer all questions about the equipment at any time. No need to worry about anything, we are always by your side.

We hope to do our best to make you always feel accompanied.

We guarantee the confidence we have in our teams.

We will hold on line training sharing conferences from time to time to communicate with you.

We have professional after-sale worker, offer 7X24 hours online service.

We trust our equipment, whether new or used for many years.

We guarantee that you will never be left behind.

With us you will also acquire a commitment and a guarantee. We will always accompany you because you are important to our company. We answer for our devices, you don't have to worry about anything.

We are concerned about those things that are worrying you: we are going to train you, we offer you the best technical service, we are going to be there for you to get the most of your equipment, you will be able to count on improvement or new developments, etc.

100% Focused To Be No.1 In Customer Satisfaction

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We are always here to help you out and provide you with solutions. Should you have any special requirements or inquiry, please fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.